how does it feel ?

how does it feel ?

do being without a home a complete unknown
like a rolling stone

to being in the united shames of europe
being a slave to the economy

like a satanic monster
wasting all this world

being with out any conscience
being with out any reason

a total failure

all of your existence
having no meaning it all ….

but all this destruction !

how does it feel ?
how does it feel ?
how does it feel ?

galactic genesis

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the public

doesnt want to hear the truth they want to be cherished .... 
so they will vote any politician into office doing this job ... 
and when after a few years 

they are realizing that this politician doesnt tell them the truth 
or worse > should he dare > to start describing reality > 
needed actions .....

they discard him ..... voting the next politician into office ... 
making 17 trillions in national debt there while ! 

where as a true scientist will tell the public the truth 
but then they are screaming ..... 

" he doesnt love us .... and all we need is love " 

so this is the source of all these problems on this planet 
because for making the right decisions we need reality 
so we would be needing true scientists in every office 
but the public doesnt want to hear reality so .... 

the whole world is going to hell !

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all the problems on this planet of evil …..

are originating from the modus operantie
of this and every other empire of satan here on >

to forcing all of his citizens >
to procure conceit for their empire !
there while they are destroying all of their world …..

like … the resources wasting > the clima flipping > the problem creation >

and to …. eliminating any and all responsible homo sapiens !
showing this reality and all defects resulting now and in the future ….
there of !

and any solution > to freeing citizens > will be defamed as a problem >
till it is sinking into ……. nothingness !

this is the reason …. you will be seeing no dicussion most any where >
but pure and simple conceit procurement ….. propaganda for the empire !




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theory or every day experience ?

what should be our guide ….

neither > nor what has beeen working for many a years !
because darwinian selection is only valid >
for as long as it applies to a steady environment !

just think of the poor dodo …..

he had been doing just fine > but as soon as the portugies
he better had been taking flying lessons …
all the time be fore …..

or what are the poor capitalist ….
the poor socialist doing all wrong these days !

they are wasting all the resources >
flipping the climate in just a 100 years >

and no body can do any thing about it >
because science can say what it wants >
the dodos are just keep on doing >

what they have been …… doing for a million years
making a fire …. or a tausend explosions a minute ….

we have to have more thought on all those things
more experience on a every day basis ….

to be coming up … with a right solution !
for all our doings …



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a free economy …. can never work … long

as any one with any inteligence can plainly see !
any time he will be looking at this world !

because ……

if any idiot > can sell any idiot > any idiocracy >
then the environment can only fail > soon after !

if the darwinian principales are in place
if any dodo can be bragging about >
what kind of profit he is making !
at the future > at any humans demise >

the end can be predicted > as any one can see clearly
and … any idiot will know > there will be > freak outs >
and no one can stop them >

since the whole thing is an afront to any humanity !
to any higher inteligence ….



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the age of stupid

when I was 3 ….. I had been noticing > this woman said a lot of stupid things
so one day I told heir > she should be checked out !

then it got worse > all the other people around me turned out to be > stupid !
every one I met on this planet ! ….. till this day !

the whole world ….. every body > stupid !

and lately ….. I had been hearing about an english movie ……
and now I found searching the inter net > the age of stupid < the movie ! first I thought ... this was a stupid title for a movie ! but now ... I think it fits .... perfectly ..... this age of being all stupid .... now ... I am not perfect ..... I have been doing a lot of stupid things in my life ! trinking decades back ... smoking even .... eating stupid things ... watching stupid movies in search for some thing right ! driving around in stupid cars all over the world be fore there was the fast way to do this via the net ..... in search for inteligent people ..... in europe ... in north america ........ or sailing in monos ... tris ... cats ..... I even had a stink pot ones ! but as soon as I noticed ... some thing was stupid > of no use …. I have
always stoped doing …. it !

but the people on this planet dont stop doing stupid things ! ….. or do things
right and easy !
when they should know better …..

and if there was no internet ….. I would have been sailing around the world
the past 10 years >
searching every harbor ….. any anchorage … I would have come accross > for
inteligent life ….

and I most likely would have found ……..

so this 2. hand 486 in 1999 with windows 95 on it > was neither good or bad ….
it was as much as all the pentium pcs …. all the later oss … all those
applications > just nothing ….

since all this does not change any thing about > this being the age of stupid !

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animal kids …..

do not want to live in dignity ….
because they have no training to become homo sapiens !

but as their role models > the predator> eg> are animal despots
rob the planet of  all his resources > can not have an discussion >
let alone capable of any learning !

following from this > no future ……

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this planetary mass insanity …..

is so power full and over whelming > so omnipotent !
that I am not finding any one on this planet > even considering to challenge it …..

even for a few to accept this fact …. this reality > I have to look long and hard
all over this world …

and this frustration of being at the mercy of this mass of insanity
is the source of all the problems !

so ….. this mass insanity is the problem > not the solution >
be cause there is no humanity > there are no billions of homo sapiens on this planet !

but just a pest > keeping every one down with the diagnosis
of those not being all evil > having a personality ….. problem ….

and that is what they have > resulting out of the fact >
that they do not even think of wanting any relation ship with any such pest !

that they do not even think > in their right mind >
of wanting to be such a loser > as ……

all those other 7 billions …..

not even caring about their planets climate enough
not to sit in their air conditioned office
where as the source of cool air > is just under your lawn !

or jetting around this world > causing the ice shield of green land to melt
causing a 20′ rising of the sea level … and this being just the be ginning !

but all those …. are such losers >
the can not even want solutions ….. but just to cherish >
having cherished > their problem existence

and you are surely … so ill …. you will not even see this fact !
that being your only quality …. like all the others ….

having in fact no quality it all !
just having the obsession > of wanting none ….. to cater to your mass insanity !
this being the only aspiration of ……

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what we have to do now >

the first and only priority today ….

is saving the planet from all the masses of insanity !

not to free them from all constraints
not to cherish their destruction !

be cause if we will not change all these insane into homo sapiens
meaning entities with wisdom

we will be at the end of all humanity at the end of this centrury

the green land ice shield is melting rapidly because >
of all the soot … all this burning of kerosin
and all the other useless burnings are causing !

and if we will not do any thing about green land > be coming all green
we will have > a whole lot of feed back starting >

all the methan ice on the ocean floor will be coming up and heat up ….
all the gases in the now perma frost will be going into the air !

and all this now dark surface >
will be heating up the planet more and more !
till all the ice on this world will be gone at the end of each summer

untill all the oceans will be becoming dead
where only hydrogen sulfur bacteria will be living in
and producing deadly hydrogen sulfor gas to kill all

first at the coast line > then ever more inland
till only at the highest ranges
there will be life possible for millions of years

maybe ….. or none it all !

galactic development >

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