theory or every day experience ?

what should be our guide ….

neither > nor what has beeen working for many a years !
because darwinian selection is only valid >
for as long as it applies to a steady environment !

just think of the poor dodo …..

he had been doing just fine > but as soon as the portugies
he better had been taking flying lessons …
all the time be fore …..

or what are the poor capitalist ….
the poor socialist doing all wrong these days !

they are wasting all the resources >
flipping the climate in just a 100 years >

and no body can do any thing about it >
because science can say what it wants >
the dodos are just keep on doing >

what they have been …… doing for a million years
making a fire …. or a tausend explosions a minute ….

we have to have more thought on all those things
more experience on a every day basis ….

to be coming up … with a right solution !
for all our doings …



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