this planetary mass insanity …..

is so power full and over whelming > so omnipotent !
that I am not finding any one on this planet > even considering to challenge it …..

even for a few to accept this fact …. this reality > I have to look long and hard
all over this world …

and this frustration of being at the mercy of this mass of insanity
is the source of all the problems !

so ….. this mass insanity is the problem > not the solution >
be cause there is no humanity > there are no billions of homo sapiens on this planet !

but just a pest > keeping every one down with the diagnosis
of those not being all evil > having a personality ….. problem ….

and that is what they have > resulting out of the fact >
that they do not even think of wanting any relation ship with any such pest !

that they do not even think > in their right mind >
of wanting to be such a loser > as ……

all those other 7 billions …..

not even caring about their planets climate enough
not to sit in their air conditioned office
where as the source of cool air > is just under your lawn !

or jetting around this world > causing the ice shield of green land to melt
causing a 20′ rising of the sea level … and this being just the be ginning !

but all those …. are such losers >
the can not even want solutions ….. but just to cherish >
having cherished > their problem existence

and you are surely … so ill …. you will not even see this fact !
that being your only quality …. like all the others ….

having in fact no quality it all !
just having the obsession > of wanting none ….. to cater to your mass insanity !
this being the only aspiration of ……

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